Uragan-2M stellarator

The Utragan-2M is a two-shaft (l=2) torsatron with additional toroidal field coils, what provides a magnetic configuration with reduced helical inhomogeneities of magnetic field and moderate sheer and magnetic well values. The construction of the installation is designed for maximum toroidal magnetic field Bmax <2.4 T.

Large number of magnetic windings in Uragan-2M provides varying magnetic configuration parameters within a wide range and thus allows studying the influence of helical magnetic field inhomogeneities on plasma confinement.

It was put into operation at the end of 2006 year.

Essential data of Uragan-2M:

Large radius of the torus 1.7m
Radius of the frame, on which the helical winding is enclosed 0.405m
Internal radius of the vacuum chamber 0.32m
Average plasma radius 0.22m
TF coil number 16
Number of helical coils of poloidal field 2
Number of periods of a magnetic field 4
Magnetic field strength ≤2.4T

Three-half-turn RF antenna in a vacuum chamber.

Measured closed magnetic surfaces.

RF frame antenna in a vacuum chamber.

Calculated closed magnetic surfaces.